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Multiple listing options

List your entire facility

From your courts/fields/studios for rent to classes and party packages, showcase all that your facility has to offer. 

List your individual spaces

List each of your courts, fields, studios, batting cages, etc. Describe your space’s features & dimensions, add photos & more.

List your classes & events

Sell tickets to events and let renters book appointments for your classes. 

Multiple booking options

Hourly or daily booking

Include a booking widget in your listing and take booking requests directly from renters. Choose your price per day or hour, availability, booking addons & more.

Contact form submission

Have renters fill out a contact form to let you know what they are interested in booking from you and receive instant notifications. 

External booking button

Already have a booking management system? No problem. Send renters to your own platform to have them complete bookings.

Why list on Courttimes?

Increase your revenue

Bring in additional bookings during off-hours so your facility isn’t collecting dust.

Your facility is a valuable asset, and any time it is sitting around un-booked is money wasted.

Flexible booking platform

Use Courttimes alongside your current system or as a standalone booking management platform. 

Rent your facility the way you want. Offer separate weekday vs. weekend pricing, block off unavailable days, & more.

Intelligent reporting

Learn more about your renters with smarter reporting.

View your listing’s daily views, earnings, & more.


Secure, online payments

Long gone are the days of receiving payment by paper check. 

Bookings are paid securely online beforehand, so no need to chase down payments.

Streamlined rental process

With Courttimes, renters can find your facility and send you a booking request within a few clicks.

.The easier it is for them to send you booking requests, the quicker you get paid.

Increased online presence

Show up in the Courttimes marketplace when renters are searching in your area. 

Your facility page shows all of your listings, reviews, and contact information in one place.

Automated marketing

Let us market your facility for you.

When you list on Courttimes, we actively market your facility to local renters to bring you bookings.


24/7 dedicated support

Your success is the most important thing to us.

We are available to help answer any questions or concerns, any time. 

What makes us different?

Market your facility

Renters find you

Accept online bookings

Listing is always free

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