Sports facility management for schools & churches

If you have ever played youth sports, you have most likely played in games & tournaments at one of your city’s main sports complexes. Everyone knows the names of them and where they are located. These large, sports-first complexes are usually the hosts of the championship games, the best youth camps, the best adult leagues, etc.

These facilities are the go to place when:

  • Coaches look for a place to practice
  • Leagues look for a place to host them
  • Players look for adult leagues to play in

Why are these facilities constantly booked while smaller facilities sit empty?

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons:


Commercial sports complexes have the upper hand here because they are a staple of the local sports community, and have a reputation of being the best places to play.

For example:

Would you ever know this inconspicuous brick church building right in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona had a full sized, indoor, air-conditioned basketball court with 6 hoops? Probably not…

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – Scottsdale, AZ

There could be an air-conditioned, indoor basketball court 1 mile from your house and you’d never even know it.

Funny enough, I used to practice at this very court at the church when I was playing youth club basketball as a kid here in the valley – and the only reason that my coach was able to rent the court is because one of my teammates was actually a member of the church and told him about it’s existence.

This is the case in every state across the country.

There are beautiful gymnasiums, fields, & studios all over the United States that are sitting idle and empty, simply because they do not have sufficient marketing.


Slow, outdated payment methods

Another obstacle that smaller facilities face is that they often use old & outdated booking methods.

Paying by paper check just won’t cut it nowadays.

With services like Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, and Apple Pay revolutionizing the payment processing industry, renters expect fast, secure, online payment options.


Booking management

Professional facilities use expensive booking management software that helps track bookings, contains info & pricing for each individual court or field, handles payments, etc.

This is usually not the case for schools & churches. Because renting their athletic facilities is not seen as a primary function of their organization, there is often less emphasis placed on implementing scalable booking management procedures. Whether this means keeping track of bookings in a Google calendar somewhere or even jotting them down on a pad of paper, these methods can certainly work just fine if you are only receiving a few bookings here and there.


Renting their athletic facilities is not a priority

This one is obvious.

A school is going to prioritize their scholastic duties & their own sports team’s use of their facilities before even considering allowing outside renters – this makes perfect sense. However, these facility’s revenue potential is often overlooked.

According to Allied Market Research, The global fitness & recreational sports centers market size was $83 billion in 2016, and is projected to reach $113 billion by 2023.

If utilized correctly, your school or church’s gymnasium, athletic field, tennis court, or dance studio can be a consistent revenue stream, helping to fund the most important parts of your organization.


What is the solution?

There are two sides of a market that are currently not able to connect with each other for one simple reason – There hasn’t been a central directory to find & book sports facilities until now.

Imagine if you didn’t know which hotel you wanted to book, & there was no,, etc. – Where would you end up booking? Probably Hilton, Marriot, or some other large chain that you had already heard of. This is the same case for a coach that is coaching their child’s team for the first time & has no connections, or 2 tennis players that would love to pay $10 to have a court to themselves rather than waiting for one to open up at the park – they just don’t have a place to go to find what they are looking for.

Unlike large sports complexes, most auxiliary school/church facilities only come up in the “where should we practice?” conversation between seasoned coaches, league managers, & others who are “in the know”. Most newer coaches will end up googling something like “basketball gyms to rent in ________.”

This is where Courttimes comes in to play.

With Courttimes, a school or church can list each court, field, or studio that is able to be rented, choose the price per hour, upload photos, include their rental/cancellation policy, and add their listings to the Courttimes marketplace. Oh yeah, it’s also totally free.

Then, an interested renter can select their desired date & time slot, and submit a booking request. The facility manager can then approve or deny the request, which will then notify the renter.

If the request has been approved, the renter then pays for the booking immediately online and upfront. After the payment is completed, their booking is confirmed. The booking & all of the details are then displayed in the facility’s Courttimes dashboard.

If you operate an athletic facility or no someone who does, please consider sharing this article with them. Our main focus is onboarding more and more facilities to the Courttimes platform.


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