Top Sports Facility Management Software Needs

When choosing the best sports facility software to manage your facility, there are many things to consider. Your sports facility has many needs and your booking process may differ from others. How can you find out which sports booking management software is the right one for you? Here are some important things to consider:

Booking & Availability

Most likely, the single most important thing to look for in sports facility management software is, of course, the booking & availability system. If you have a complex booking flow, it may be important to see what kind of flexibility the software offers. Do you charge different hourly rates for weekdays & weekends? Do you offer optional extras such as table & chair setup, volleyball net setup, scoreboards, etc. If so, you will want to be sure your booking software has the necessary functionality to allow this.

Among the many benefits of online booking software is the ability to choose when your facility is available to be booked. This cuts down wasted time on both the renter & management end as well as helps eliminate double booking. One way to do this is to have a booking system that operates with a “request & confirm” model rather than instant booking. If you take bookings from multiple channels (over the phone, in-person, online, etc.), you run the risk of potentially double booking. This can lead to confusion between your team and an unimpressive renter experience. It is important to make sure that all your booking channels are able to integrate together.


Depending on your needs & the size of your operation, the type of sports facility management software you need can vary dramatically. If you operate 15 multi-sport facilities across the nation & process 1,000’s of bookings daily, you will most likely need a very robust, powerful booking system. On the other hand, if you are a smaller, indoor basketball court and only have a few clients, going with such a large, expensive software option might be overkill.


This aspect of sports facility management software often goes overlooked, and is especially important in the sports facility market. Large, well-established facilities may have the brand awareness & budget to bring in consistent business, but this is not often the case for independent facilities.
In recent years, the explosion of booking websites such as Airbnb,, Opendoor, and even Uber have changed the game when it comes to the online rental space. These are not only full-service booking management systems, but more importantly, they are booking platforms.
These platforms allow smaller, independent businesses to compete with the big fish, because the platform acts as the marketing & advertising arm of the business, connecting them with clients and bringing in the bookings.
This same concept has made its way into the sports facility space, & is slowly becoming the premier way to find & book athletic facilities online.
If reaching more renters & increasing bookings is a priority for you, utilizing a booking platform such as Courttimes alongside your other booking channels can be very beneficial.


Taking payment from renters is one of the most vital steps in the booking process. A difficult, unaccommodating payment method often deters potential renters.
Online payments are typically the most convenient & easiest way for renters to pay, & with payment processors such as Paypal & Square, renters are familiar with them and enjoy the added payment protection they provide.
At Courttimes, we partner with Paypal to offer first-class payment processing. Paypal enables streamlined payment flows, secure & encrypted payments, & full integration with the Courttimes platform. Once you have approved a booking request & the renter has paid, their booking is confirmed and is automatically blocked off on your calendar.

Notifications & Alerts

The best booking systems offer automatic notifications when important actions occur, such as a new booking request, a booking confirmation, messages from renters, etc.
These alerts also help notify your renters with updates throughout the entire booking process, reducing no-shows & unhappy renting experiences.

Mobile App

If you are not always at your desk and want to have the flexibility to accept bookings, message renters, edit listings & more on the go, choosing a management software with a dedicated mobile app might be important.

As consumers become more and more comfortable and familiar with mobile bookings, this allows you to not miss out on potential business and offer your renters a fully seamless experience from start to finish.

Custom Rental Terms & Agreements

While having a smooth booking process is paramount, safety & security are also important. Whether you have certain waivers that must be filled out for each guest, special terms & conditions that must be signed, or anything else – make sure your sports facility management software is able to accommodate this.

Courttimes allows facilities to directly message renters from the dashboard on the website or in the app, send documents back & forth, collect signatures, etc.

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